Dirty Helmet Plus Rain Equalls Bad Idea

I guess I let the cat out of the bag with the title I chose. I wanted to ease into my embarrassment gently so instead of laughing at my stupidity you would have sympathy for me. Then I thought, “The hell with it.” I will put myself out there as a bad example so you can not only enjoy a good laugh but also learn from my mistake.

When I left for work on Thursday the forecast was for a thirty percent chance of rain for my trip home. I understood this to be a seventy percent chance of staying dry. I also knew the nature of Florida rains tended to be brief and isolated. I thought if it did rain, I could go inside somewhere and wait it out if it was bad. What I didn’t consider was that those short, isolated rains were more a product of the summer, not winter.

When I left work there was a slight cold drizzle and it was pretty obvious that the rain was everywhere and it was not going to stop anytime soon. Fortunately, I brought my rain jacket with me so I put it on and gave into the fact that this was not going to be my most pleasant ride.

The rain seemed to gradually increase as I went and about thirty minutes into the ride it was a moderate shower. That was when my eyes started burning. Acid rain was the first thought that entered my mind but I knew that was crazy. Then it hit me: My helmet was dirty. It was then that I started tasting it and my ride quickly went from unpleasant to disgusting.

I cursed myself the rest of the way home because I knew I needed to wash my helmet but I always thought about it while I was on the bike, then I forgot when I got home, or I put it off because I was tired and then forgot later.

Perhaps I needed a wake-up call because I didn’t forget this time. In fact, I think I will start using my calendar program to remind me to do these important tasks. I’ll start tomorrow…if I remember.


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