My name is Chuck and I am an out-of-shape, middle-aged man who decided to buy a recumbent bicycle and ride it to work for exercise and health. I chose a recumbent because I feared riding 20 miles a day on a standard bike would be hard on my back.

My goal is to help newbies like myself, who are interested in recumbent bicycling, or people who just ride occasionally and want to start riding more. I will discuss what I love about my rides, some of the problems I run into and any of the solutions I find along the way.

Please note that I sometimes create links to other sites to help people understand better what I am discussing. These sites could be Wikipedi, Google Maps, Amazon or others. Be aware that I am an Amazon affiliate and will earn a small commission (about 4%) for any purchase through their link. I am disclosing that because I believe that honesty and trust are extremely important and any links to Amazon are because they carry so many product that  it is so easy to find a full description with photos of whatever item I may be writing about.

I hope you will continue reading and, if you find this blog to be interesting or useful, I invite you to follow me. I also would like to hear any comments you may have that could help improve this blog or that could help other readers.


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