Bad Tire Plus No Time Equalls No Bike

During my ride home on Monday I noticed a very slight “thumping” coming from my back tire. I stopped and looked at it but it seemed fine except that about an inch of the outer layer was peeling away from the point of contact with the rim. I felt around the entire tire trying to find the bulge but it seemed fine so I just continued my ride home.

Once home I deflated the tire and took it partially off the rim and felt around to make sure the tube didn’t have a kink in it. I then re-inflated it and checked it very close for anything unusual. Again, it seemed fine until I put my weight on it, then it seemed to bump slightly at the same spot where the outer layer was peeling.

Bad Tire

This tear is worse than when I first noticed it.

I replaced that tire three months ago (read here) with a good quality tire that I thought would last longer. I did get about 600 miles out of it or more so I can’t complain too much but it does not seem very worn. It is especially nowhere near as bad as the last tire I had on there.

The real problem is not the tire at all. It is the weather. It is absolutely perfect right now. It is slightly cool on the way to work and just perfect on the way home. I need to be riding while it lasts but I can’t get the tire until this weekend. There is only one bike shop that is close enough to go to during my lunch break and they don’t sell 20 inch tires.

I thought about risking it and riding with the bump but ten miles is too far to push my bike home. I guess I will just have to wait until next week. Hopefully the weather holds out.


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