Maintenance Day

I finally stopped procrastinating and worked on my bike Saturday. My wife and I drove to the beach in the morning and had several things we needed to do before going home. We decided to go to the bike shop first. Normally I like to go to a place in Dunedin called Over The Edge. The guys that run it are friendly, helpful and honest. Best of all, their prices are very reasonable. The drawback is their shop is very small and thus has limited supplies on-hand.

On the way we passed Dunedin Cyclery. This is a place I remember being somewhere else. It is now in a very large building right on the Pinellas Trail. I found out later it had been there for about a year. Anyway, I decided to risk higher prices for convenience. The shop was huge inside with walls full of stuff and many bicycles, including a couple of recumbents, one of which was a newer Sun, similar to my EZ-1. Best of all, the prices were very reasonable.

I told one of the guys that I needed tires and tubes. He offered me two options, a standard tire and a 100 p.s.i. version for the rear tire. I chose the better tire but that same one was not in stock for the front so I settled for the standard front tire. Since more weight is on the rear tire it did not matter too much to me.

While I was there I picked up a bag for the front and I wanted to get some tools also, especially a good tire tool, but I got into a conversation about clip-less pedals and shoes and forgot about the rest of the things I needed.

Old and new tire levers

Old and new tire levers. Not what I wanted but better.

I was already home when I realized I didn’t get everything I needed. What I most wanted was something like a Quik Stik. I had one a few years ago and really liked it but I somehow lost it and never got a replacement. I went to the nearby Wal-Mart and was able to get better tire levers but not what I really wanted. I also got a spare tube for the front and rear tires which I also forgot to do while I was at the bike shop.

I worked on my bike on the patio, which is not the best place, but since I have no garage it is the best place available. My cat Chris ( was out there helping me which was not a help. My recumbent bike is not as stable as a regular bike when turned upside down and ended up knocking it over a couple of times before I learned to be careful.

My Recumbent Bike

Old rear tire

Old rear tire. Pretty worn.

New rear tire

New rear tire

The tires went on pretty easy but I was not able to pump the rear tire anywhere near 100 p.s.i. The best I could do was around 60 with my little Bell Airstrike Frame Pump, even though it says it will do up to 100 p.s.i. Even at 60, it feels pretty solid and I am looking forward to getting on it this morning and riding to work.

Just to be clear, I am looking forward to the ride, not going to work.


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