Endurance Progress

Today marks the first time I have ridden my bicycle to work four days in a row, and if you don’t count the weekend, it has actually been seven in a row. I realize for some of you, riding twenty miles a day is nothing, but less than three months ago I needed a day of rest after just one day of riding.

What I think is really great is that, unlike a gym membership, I feel like I want to ride even more. Since the rainy season here in Florida is almost at an end, there will be little to stop me from never driving again, except my wife. She likes it when I get home before her so I can take care of the cats and make something for dinner. Oh, the complexities of life…

I must say that my wife does deserve a little pampering. She works very hard and treats me well. As an example, when I got to work on Tuesday I noticed a big tear in the seat back support. I pulled it off the bike when I got home, washed it, and my wife, Rose, sewed it for me. She was concerned that the thread was not black but I couldn’t care less. I am just glad I didn’t have to park the bike while I waited for a new mesh back.

Sun EZ-1 Mesh seat back repair

Nice repair, huh? Should I complain about the thread color?


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