My Motivator

I mentioned when I started this blog that one of the reasons for doing so was to motivate myself to keep riding and not let this bicycle go the way of the gym membership. I had that in mind when I last posted that I was going to ride to work yesterday, rain or shine.

Well, my wife was watching the weather yesterday morning and told me it was going to rain. The first thing I thought was, “Crap, I am going to have to drive to work.” Then I thought, “Crap, I can’t do that. I said I would ride, rain or shine.”

I checked the radar on the internet and determined that the line of showers was heading my way but if I left soon, I might beat them. So I hurried up, got ready and was out the door by 6:40, for a 9:00 a.m. job. It worked. I beat the weather and still had time to stop at the grocery store and pick up something for lunch.

It looks like today I will be dodging the weather on the way home.


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