Tropical Storm and Weight Loss

As I write, Tropical Storm Isaac is preventing me from riding my bike again, which is why I have time this morning to write a post. It looks like the rain will be here for a few days and then we will go back to the normal summer weather, which is rain.

On a better note, I weigh myself most morning and I have notice a slow trend downwards. Before you say it, I know weighing yourself everyday can be bad, but I think for me, it is good, because I am encouraged and energized when it goes down and when it goes up I am motivated to reverse it. I also know weight fluctuates day-to-day so I look for lasting patterns.

When I bought my recumbent bike and started riding, my weight went up about three pounds and stayed there for quite a while. That was discouraging. Several people mentioned that muscle weighs more than fat, which I knew, but I expected better.

I did get a comment from David Clancy who has an excellent blog, College Tri. He said, ” …you may not have a big change in weight at the beginning. It’ll get there though, trust me. When I started running and cycling, my weight declined very slowly for a while then sped up at a point before leveling off…”

This gave me some hope. It is always nice to get advice from someone who has been where you are at. Hopefully I will someday be the go-to guy when a newbie needs advice.

Rain Jacket alternate storage
Alternate storage for my rainjacket.

Speaking of advice, I figured out a way to keep my rain jacket from taking up half the room in my bag. I stuffed it between the seat and the bag. It is in there pretty tight. I wrapped the arms around the seat frame just as a precaution, but either way, I don’t think it will fall out. This of course is only useful if you have a recumbent bicycle with a seat bag.


4 thoughts on “Tropical Storm and Weight Loss

  1. Rick L.

    Sell your car! That is the only way to force yourself to ride in the rain! Just kidding, i have no car, i had to ride in the storm today. It was kind of refreshing.

    1. Chuck Huss Post author

      Even though I prefer to be dry, I can live with the rain, especially in the summer, but a heavy downpour accompanied by lightning is something I would like to avoid. Someday I hope to be used to it, but today isn’t that day.

  2. Rick L.

    p.s. pack that gear tight and secure, on the way in to work, i lost a shoe as it slipped off my back book rack! I was soooo MAD! I thought i had it secured down well, i was wrong ….

    1. Chuck Huss Post author

      Someday I will buy nice, expensive rain gear. What I have now, I can lose without it hurting me much. That being said, I have it in there pretty good and the space I save is worth the risk.


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