More Bad Weather

I knew when I bought my bike that we were at the beginning of the rainy season here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Often the rain comes from small rain clouds that pop up, deposit a light to moderate rain for a short time during the late afternoon, then blow on by.

That kind of rain does not concern me and I can live with getting wet. Unfortunately, what I have seen lately is heavy rain accompanied by lightning. That is something I do not want to have to ride through so my bike has been stuck in the closet since Monday.

The good news is that it is not lonely in there anymore. The other day, as I was filling the gas tank of our car, I noticed a women’s Trek Bicycle at the pawn shop next door. My wife and I looked at it and found it to be in good shape and very light so we put a deposit down on it. We got it yesterday and now it sits in the closet next to my bike waiting for drier weather.

I just checked the weather for tomorrow and it calls for a 60% chance of thunderstorms for my trip home from work. I think I would ride to work if the chances were 30%, perhaps even 40%, or if it was just rain and not thunderstorms.

I supposed I have become a little spoiled but I remember the last time I got caught in a heavy rain. I could not look in front of me while I was riding. I had to look down at my front tire and occasionally take a quick glance up to make sure I wasn’t going to hit anything. I also forgot my iPod was in my pocket. Do they make waterproof iPods now?


5 thoughts on “More Bad Weather

    1. Chuck Huss Post author

      I suppose I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to the rain. Once I get caught in a heavy rain a few more times I will probably get used to it. Until then I will try to avoid it but not try too hard.

      1. Lune

        I have had to remind myself frequently that I won’t melt if I get wet. I live in California where one couldn’t ask for a better climate, so that makes me wuss, too.

        Do you pack dry clothes when you commute on days with a high probability of rain?

  1. Chuck Huss Post author

    To answer you question better. I have limited room in my bag. My rain jacket takes up half the space. I did not buy the rain pants because that would take up the other half and I am not sure that I care if my legs get wet. It typically does not rain here in the morning (except for last Wednesday) so I just need a clean shirt because it is humid and I sweat. What concerns me most about a heavy rain (besides lightning) is that it is difficult to see. I may want to pick up a pair of goggles like the snow skiers wear but then would I look like a dork? It is also very flat here in Florida and some of the roads flood pretty quickly.


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