Exercise is good for the brain…or is it?

Yesterday was my fourth ride to work. Each time seems less tiring so I know the workout is doing some good, although I have not lost any weight yet. What I am losing, I think, is my mind.

Last time I mentioned my A.D.D. and the fact that I missed an important turn on my way to work. Today I was not paying attention again and missed the same turn. I also forgot my sunglasses, which I didn’t notice at first because I left before the sun had risen above the trees. That was a bad mistake because I ride east to work and west back to home.

Finally, I forgot to lock the door, which, of course,  my wife noticed first. What’s worse, it is the third time in a week or so that I have done that. I never forgot to lock the door before, maybe I should sell my bike and buy a La-Z-Boy…or not.


2 thoughts on “Exercise is good for the brain…or is it?

  1. Lune

    Hey. Hope you don’t mind me chiming in like this.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s A.D.D. I’m no pshrink, but my hypothesis is that you haven’t had time to develop habits and routines for the bike ride. When you were driving to work, you probably relied a lot on habit and routine. Since you had the car keys in your hands anyway, it was easy to remember to lock the door. And your drove to work so often that the car could probably find its way on its own.

    But now you have to develop new habits related to the bicycle. May I recommend a check list? Stick it in your bike helmet so that you HAVE to look at it.

    √ sunglasses
    √ wallet
    √ cell phone
    √ lock the door!
    √ full water bottle
    √ notes for 10:00 AM meeting (or some such.)
    √ Don’t forget to to turn!

    After a while, you’ll be able to rely on habit again.

    You might also consider:
    There are some apps you can put on your smartphone that will track your route. Google has one called My Tracks, and there’s another one that I like called Map My Ride. You can set them up to give verbal reports, and that might help you remember to turn. The’ll also document what you’ve done so that you can brag to your family and friends at the end of the month. “Ha! Two hundred forty miles this month!”

    Just a suggestion.

    1. Chuck Huss Post author

      I totally agree. Habits are how I get through life. my wife wonders how I function during the day with my forgetfullness. I have to tell her it is habits. Most of what I do everyday is pretty much the same as the day before. It is the change that trips me up. I once had a stack of newspapers in my car for two weeks before i finally remembered to turn on the road that had the recycling center. As far as making lists, I either forget to bring them or I forget to look at them. I guess I need to make that a habit.


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