Another Good Ride

I fully expected it to take a few weeks before riding to work started getting easier, but after only three trips, I am seeing improvement with each ride. Granted, nothing major but it has become noticeably easier.

One thing that hasn’t improved in my attention span. I do suffer from self-diagnosed A.D.D. and my wife always jokes if I get Alzheimer’s nobody will know. Case in point: On my way to work, I missed a very important turn and when I noticed, I had no idea how for I would have to back track. I decided to keep going straight. I knew where I was going but my carefully planned route to keep me out of heavy traffic no longer applied. I made it to work okay but I had to rely on sidewalks which I wanted to avoid.

The way home went better and I made it in 75 minutes. I packed my good rain jacket today because the rain chance was 40 percent but it stayed sunny all the way home.


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