It Gets Better as You Go.

I rode to work yesterday and again, saw only five other bikers on the ten-mile trip and nobody else on a recumbent. It took only 75 minutes this time, instead of 90 and it seemed a bit easier, even though this was only my second trip.

The way back took longer but it wasn’t as painful on my derrière this time. Part of the reason may be that I drank almost two and a half liters of water while I was at work. This led me to have to pee while I was miles from a bathroom.

What does this have to do with my butt hurting? Well, I held out untill I got to Lowes (what choice did I have?) and locked my bike on their bike rack and used their washroom. I think that walking around for five minutes really helped and I felt pretty good the last third of the trip.

Since I am off on the fourth, My next ride will probably be Thursday, weather permitting.


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