I’ve decided to make the ten-mile trip to work on my bike this coming Monday, weather permitting. This is a big leap for me because I could barely ride it for five minutes Wednesday without my thigh muscles feeling the strain.

I feel like I am preparing to launch the space shuttle. There is so much I need to do. Yesterday I bought an air pump and mounted it on the bike. I also partially hooked up a speedometer that has been in my closet for about a year. I bought it for my last bike (which I gave to my son yesterday) but never got around to putting it on. I am really less interested in how fast I am going then how far I have gone.

This morning I stopped at Wal-Mart and bought a helmet. I considered getting one at a bike shop that was made for my big head, and I may still do that, but It would probably cost three times as much and I would have to order it and wait for it to come in.

I also got a mirror that fits on my helmet. I don’t really like the ones on the handle bars because my body tends to get in the way and the handle bars are closer together on this bike which would make that worse.

The only thing left that I can think of is a rear reflector and a rain jacket. Since I live in Florida, we get plenty of rain in the afternoon during the summer months. These last three days have been especially wet and it seems that trend will continue through Monday. Hopefully, if I get caught in the rain, it won’t be a heavy downpour with lightning.


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